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Welcome to our Glossary.

Here you can find the meaning of words and expressions commonly used by computer-users.

Use the query form below to enter a word or part of a word you are looking for. Click the "Search" button to start the search.

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We are looking for more words here, so please mail me any words you don't know and I'll try to find out what they mean. Or send me words you do know and their meaning, so we can add them too and get an even better glossary (either in Dutch or English is fine).

Words in our glossary starting with "Q" ...

Glossary ...

A mid '80s arcade game that involved a fuzzy red creature jumping from cube to cube, trying to avoid a purple snake named Coily.

QA (Quality Assurance)
This refers to the practice of checking hardware, software or systems for defects, identifying such defects, and then checking to make sure that such defects are corrected when future revisions of software or hardware are ready for testing. QA workers typically work closely with the people that develop hardware and software and often program exhaustive scripts to automate checking and identify problems.

Quarter Inch Cartridge: A type of recording medium consisting of a tape cartridge containing a supply and take-up reel and a quantity of magnetic tape of width 0.25in (whence the name). Data is recorded in linear tracks, using a serpentine motion. There are many QIC standards in existence, specifying different recording formats, densities and track counts.

Quality of Service. Identifying the quality of a telecommunication service.

QoS (Quality of Service)
This is an effort to provide different prioritization levels for different types of traffic over a network. Various methods are used to achieve quality of service, including the RSVP protocol. For example, streaming video may have a higher priority than ICMP traffic, as the consequences of interrupting streaming video are more obvious than slowing down ICMP traffic.

Quake is a (in those days, a revolutionary) 3D, first person perspective game full of blood and gore. Designed by ID software, it only runs well on fast P5 chips or better.

This is a data construct (buffer) that is first-in, first-out (FIFO) based. Think of a check-out line at a supermarket, or any type of line formed by people in society. Queues are used throughout the architecture of computers and are necessary in programming languages to accomplish certain tasks. See also stack.

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