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Welcome to WeetHet.nl


Thank you very much for your visit to WeetHet.nl.


Welcome to the new WEETHET with a new Webpage design:

Now faster and more flexible than before.
A complete new layout and redesign,
with more space for text - the real content,
a new Guestbook has been put in place,
a new Updates page with a newsticker,
a new Downloads page with sorting options.
an improved statistics page showing this weeks hitcount,
improved counter, and
an improved LINKS page.

If you're looking for pictures concerning my stay in the USA, click here.

Welcome to WeetHet.nl!

... Always under construction ...

... always under development ...

This website is always under development!
At the moment I have to do everything by myself, help (i.e. writing articles) is very welcome!
If you feel you would like to join, then please do so, you're very welcome.
Mail me!

An overview of the most recent changes and updates can be found here.
For those new to WeetHet: there is an online help page on how to navigate WeetHet.

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Visit this website for an overview of mobile phones.

Free ringtones for your Ericsson mobile phone and a ringtone converter as well!

Search WeetHet for the topic you're looking for!

The Glossary page explains a lot of common expressions.




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