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FlaskMPEG and CCE

On this page I briefly explain how to install FlaskMPEG 6 preview (+ update) and Cinema Craft Encoder so FlaskMPEG can use Cinema Craft Encoder. See the "DVD to (Super) VideoCD" page for an application of this combo.

Don't forget to read the discaimer!

Update: a minor woops done by me ... sorry,... the file "cm-mpeg-ccet.prm" should be renamed to "cce.cm.flask" - thanks to Edwin for noticing!

MPEG 1 / 2


FlasKMPEG 0.6 preview and the update ...


FlaskMPEG 0.6 (and the update) can be downloaded here in one single zip file. If you want you can also check the FlaskMPEG homepage for a more recent version.

After unzipping the zip file, using for example WinRar or WinZip, you first install FlaskMPEG 0.6 preview by double clicking the file "flaskmpeg_06_preview.exe".

It is prefered to install FlaskMPEG to the directory "c:\Program Files\FlaskMPEG".


After instaling FlaskMPEG 0.6 previwe, you can install the update by double clicking the file "Flaskv6_preview1_1.exe".


If you would like to be able to work with subtitles (one language at a time!) then you should install Thunder.MISM.flask aswell, you can download it here aswell.

After unzipping the zip-file, copy the file "thunder.mism.flask" to the directory where you installed FlaskMPEG into.

Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) for FlaskMPEG


Cinema Craft Encoder (short: CCE) is one of the best MPEG encoders I have seen so far. It produces a good quality movie and is rather quick at it too. However, CCE is commercial product.

For getting Cinema Craft Encoder you must visit their homepage where you can either purchase CCE or download a trial version (or download the CCE SP trial version right here).

You can choose out of several versions: Pro, SP or Lite.

I prefer the SP since it offers all features we need. The differences between the different versions is to be found in the support for VBR (Variabele BitRates), which you would like to use for SVCD, or CBR (Constant BitRate) only, which is sufficient for VideoCD.


CCE comes as two applications: a standalone program and an Adobe Premiere plugin. This plugin is what we need for FlaskMPEG, however: you can only install the plugin when CCE-setup finds Adobe Premiere being installed ... or at least ... thinks it's installed.

That's where the adobe premiere registry fix comes in. Apply it jet before installing CCE. It will give CCE-setup the impression that Adobe Premiere is indeed installed. In this "fix" is nothing special, just a registry entry for the Adobe Premiere plugin directory ...

Unzip the zip-file and open the file AdobePluginFix.reg using NOTEPAD (if you installed FlaskMPEG in C:\Program Files\FlaskMPEG, then you can skip this editing part).


"Plug-InsDir"="c:\\program files\\flaskmpeg"

In the last line, you will see "Plug-InsDir"="c:\\program files\\flaskmpeg".

Change this directory ("c:\\program files\\flaskmpeg") if needed to the correct path (directory) where you installed FlaskMPEG.

Caution: in registry files the backslash ("\") of a directory path is entered twice, so each \ becomes a \\.!

After changing the file, save it and close notepad.

Now double click the AdobePluginFix.reg file, so the data is being added to your registry.


Install CCE only AFTER APPLYING the Premiere Fix!

If you are using the trial version, then unzip the zip bestand and double click "ccespt264.exe" to start the setup of CCE.

Install both the standalone application (might become handy later on) and the Adobe Premiere Plugin. The plugin will now be installed into the directory of FlaskMPEG so FlaskMPEG can us it later on.

After installing CCE, go to the FlaskMPEG directory and change the filename of the file "cm-mpeg-ccet.prm" to "cce.cm.flask" so FlasKMPEG can find it. Optionally you can make a copy of the file and rename the copy to "cce.cm.flask" so the original remains in tact.

As of now, you FlaskMPEG can access and use CCE for encoding.

Tip: if the CCE plugin is not working properly, then please consider using the VideoServer solution. An intro can be found here. This allows you to use the standalone CCE.



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