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DVDx settings into detail ...

DVDx is a really cool application for copying DVD's to DivX or (Super) VideoCD.

There are lot's of possible settings for DVDx, that's why I made a seperate page on these details.

DVDx helps you converting a DVD to Video CD 2.0, Super Video CD 1.0 and most AVI formats, in 1 single step. DVDx does require DirectX 8.1. The Adaptec ASPI layer is optional but not required.

Tip: to "unlocken" a DVD speler, it can be very usefull/helpfull to run a bit of movie using for example PowerDVD. This trick might not always work, in that case consider using Smartripper to copy the DVD to harddisk and then use DVDx to convert formats.

DVDx ...

Download DivX here ...

MPEG 1 and 2


Input Settings

Note: The Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx marked text indicates a prefered or default setting.

Program Chain

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx No change here.
After selecting a videotrack, we cannot change anything here.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Angle 1.
Here you can select a different "Angle" although most DVDs do not have more than one angle stored.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (not checked).
Here we can enable the use of the ASPI layer (usable for both SCSI and IDE devices - however, by default, not available in Windows 2000 and Windows XP). I never used it with DVDx.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx ON (so with a checkmark!).
MacroVision is a copy-protection - distorting the movie so you cannot copy it with a VCR, see "What is MacroVision?" for details.

 Key search

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Each VOB/CELL.
Needed for decoding CSS. Use "Each VOB/CELL". See "DivX rip intro" and "SmartRipper" for details.

Dolby suround

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx ON (so with a checkmark!).
Here we can optionally set Dolby Surround mixed down for your DivX or (S)VCD movie. Always nice to have a slightly better sound with your movie - it requires a bit more cpu power, but I guess it's worth it.

Audio track

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx English AC3 6Ch.
Here we set the audio track to be used for your movie rip. I usually choose the English language. AC3 is not always an option, and indicates that the original sound-track supports 6 channeld, which will be mixed down to two channels (stereo). Note: sometimes there are more than 1 english channel, usually the second one is the same with an additional voice-over by (for example) the director giving some commentaries.

Audio 48 to 44.1 KHz

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx High quality (slow).
This options allows you to set the mixdown quality when converting 48Khz audio down to 44.1Khz audio. I always select High Quality - it takes a bit more time, but it's worth it.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 3.
This setting allows us to increase or decrease audio volume. Sometimes, the audio, when using "1", is simply to soft. When selecting a value larger than 3, audio starts to distord (due to clipping). Try some experimenting with this value - I usually use 3.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx None or your language.
The subtitles of a move, can be disabled ("None") or enabled (for example "Nederlands"). Note that subtitles are rendered into the movie pictures and cannot ever be removed!
Sometimes, for example with DivX, it can be usefull to rip subtitles later, for example for use with MicroDVD - see als "Ripping Subtitles".

 Subtitle Offset

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 0 or 800.
This is the position (vertically) of the subtitles. Using a value of "0" will render the subtitles in their normal position. However, in some movies subtitles move up and the down again, I hate that, so I enter a value of "800" making sure the subtitles are positioned at the bottom.

 Original color

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx ON (so with a checkmark!).
Some subtitles appear with either a weird color or are printed extremely bold. Incase you are ripping such a DVD - uncheck (disable) this option!


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx FPU (best quality).
This indicates which type of algorithm should be used for resizing each frame. I prefer good quality, so I always choose "FPU". The option "MMX" is a bit faster, but you pay for this speed by loosing some of the quality. There are also processor specific FPU options like for the Pentium 4 ("P4") and (mostly Intel) CPU's that support SSE ("SSE").


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 0.
When a movie is going to span 2 or more CD's, you might want to consider making an overlap of "2" to "3" seconds. This will give the viewer a brief moment to return to the movie after you swapped CD's. If you plan to put a movie on a single CD (as with DivX) then select "0"

 Audio Video Synchronisation

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!).
This option is very usefull with DivX movies (working with DivX: ON). The video and audio signal will be synchronised frequently. With DivX, MPEG4 and MP3 tend to "walk away" from each other and the movie get's out of sync, this option prevents just that.

 Shutdown the computer when job is done

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!).
Converting to either (Super) Video CD or DivX can take quite some time, that's why most of us have their computer do this work at night. Once the conversion is completed, the computer will be shutdown by DVDx. However: I really would like to know if something goes wrong with either the conversion or my PC, so I usually convert movies when I'm awake and at home.

Luminace filter

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!).
Luminance filter is being used to either increase or decrease luminance of a movie. I rather see the original so I'm not ever using this option.
Note: increase/decreas = Offset + Gain.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 128.
The luminance gain where 128 = no change, <128 = lower luminance and >128 = increase luminance.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 0.
The is the offset value for gain, Note that GAIN + OFFSET = real gain. Default this value is set to 0.

Output frame rate
(Frame Rate)

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 25 (PAL) or 29.97 (NTSC).
The framerate is different for each TV-system. Often Region 1 DVD's are NTSC and Region 2 DVD's in PAL format. DVDx does NOT automatically set this value! Make sure the proper value is set. By the way: DVDx (not always perfect) can convert between the two framerates, but it is not advisable due to some possible side-effects.

Detect prog. 24Hz

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx ON (so with a checkmark!).
Checks if the non-NTSC standaard 24 Fps framerate is being used. Check it to make sure ...

Force 24Hz

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!).
Check this option in case you are sure the DVD is using the 24 Fps framerate, but you know autodetect didn't find it. This only works if you have "Detect prog. 24Hz" checked as well.

Save your DVD drive
Size (MB)

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 10 or more.
During the ripping process, DVDx will very frequently access your DVD-Rom player. To save your DVD-Rom drive, DVDx offers the posibility to use a caching buffer. This not only will save your DVD-Rom drive but will increase performance as well. You can enter any number, depending on the memory or harddisk space available in your PC. Mine has 512 Mb so I usually use a 100 Mb buffer. Caution: a large buffer (>10) can cause some unpleasent effects if you're using the "overlap" option.


Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx RAM.
Determine where the buffer should be: in memory (RAM = Fast) or harddisk (less fast). If you don't have to much memory (<128 Mb), then choose harddisk.

Deinterlace Filter
(Deinterlace Filter)

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx None.
This is used to remove interlace on a movie (those weir horizontal stripes next to a quick moving object in a movie). Usually this is not needed. But if you feel the need to de-interlace, preferably choose either "Even Field" or "Interpolate" - this usually renders the better quality (there will be quality loss anyway!). You can try "Odd Field" but usually this is not a good option, so test it first ...

Output Settings

(Video Format)

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Depends on the desired format.
We can choose "Avi (DivX,YUX,...)", "Video CD (MPEG1)" and "Super Video CD (MPEG2)".

AVI Specific: only available with the option "Avi (DivX,YUV,...)"!
(Audio Format)

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Depends on the desired format.
Here we can choose the audio format. Choose:
- "disable": for no audio
- "Store to WAV": for later conversion of the sound-track
- "Use LAME": for DivX with MP3 for those without an MP3 codec
- "Use ACM": for any other format supported by the Windows codecs (including Radium MP3 for DivX).

Audio xxx Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx xxx is either "Lame" or "ACM".
Click this button to set some specific settings for Lame or ACM iinto detail. For DivX I usually use Radium or Lame with stereo 96 Kbps. Other audio formats are not advisable.
Enable Video Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx ON (so WITH a checkmark).
Optionally one could disable )= no checkmarh) video conversion - what every the use of that might be.
Video Codec Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx DivX
Here we schoose the video codec we want to use. Since we need AVI for DivX, you will need to select the DivX codec here. Select a codec with "DivX' in it's name. Click the button "Configure...." to do detailed settings like bitrates etc.
Note: Some MPEG1 and MPEG2 codecs appear here as well - rather use the building MPEG algorithms or use Cinema Craft Encoder for "Video CD (MPEG1)" or "Super Video CD (MPEG2)".
MPEG Specific: only available with "Video CD (MPEG1)" and "Super Video CD (MPEG2)"
Video Bitrate

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx using Video CD: 1150 Kbits
Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx using Super Video CD: max. 2600 Kbits - prefered: 2376 Kbits
Here we set the MPEG bitrate. For Video CD the standard defines a fix 1150 KBits bitrate. Super Video CD allows a variable bitrate with a 2600 Kbits maximum (prefered: 2376 Kbits).

Audio Bitrate Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 224 Kbits
For Video CD we use 224 Kbits, for Super Video CD this can be a value between 32 Kbits and 340 Kbits. For Super Video CD is 224 KBits a good choice too.
Motion Search Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Good or High (Slow)
Here we set the search for changes in a sequence of frames. Compression is partially based on storing changes between two following frames. The better this is done, the better the compression without quality loss.
Calculation Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx MMX or MMX + 3DNow
CPU calculation mode, choose "MMX" for CPU's that support MMX (most CPU's, mostly Intel), "MMX + 3DNow" for those using an AMD CPU, and "Normal" for the rest with crappy CPU's.
DCT/iDCT Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx MMX or FPU (best quality)
The quality of the rsizong algorithm. "Integer" uses discrete numbers only, while "MMX (fastest)" uses MMX-specific CPU routines and "FPU (best quality)" uses real numbers (best). MMX is usually the way to go.
Expert Settings (* = not availabel with "Avi (DivX,YUV,...)")
Rate control padding start* Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 30%
These values control the bitrate (padds some zero in the video stream when the bitrate is too low). You have to change theses values to avoid video underflows. Change these value if you want to optimize the output size but tuning them is hard .
Rate control padding max* Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 90%
Use this to avoid underflow. Rather not change this.
Mux Rate* Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx using Video CD: 1.4 %
Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx using Super Video CD: 5.6%
Use this to avoid underflow. Rather not change this and use the defaults.
VBV buffer size* Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx using Video CD: 20 KB
Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx using Super Video CD: 112 KB
This value is not documented so don't change it.
Pulldown 3:2* Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!).
Tranforms an NTSC movie with 23.976 Fps to 29.97 Fps.
Export (AVI+Premiere) Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx RGB24
Video format passed to the Adobe Premiere plugin (compatible with the Video Server) and to the AVI codec. Only RGBxx and YUY2 are supported for AVI. YUY2 is in fact a 4:2:2 YUV format (very good for DivX encoding). The internal MPEG encoder works only with 4:2:0 this setting is ignored.
Export Settings
Resolution Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx DivX: what ever you like, however it's better to choose Video CD or DVD format
Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Video CD: 352x288 (PAL) or 352x240 (NTSC)
Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Super Video CD: 480x576 (PAL) or 480x480 (NTSC)
The resolution of the result movie. Preferable stick to what standards define. using DivX gives you some slack for your "own" formats - With (Super) Video CD I'd stick to the standard.

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx (Super) Video CD : None (Letter Box 4/3)
Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx DivX : Custom
Here we can set the "adaption" of an image. The "None (Letter Box 4/3)" uses the original screen-sizing, which is often used with (Super) Video CD. For DivX one rather use "Custom". Below you'll see some snapshots to see the difference (base on a 16/9 movie):

None (Letter Box 4/3)

The image aspect ratio remains as the original.

Very suitable for Video CD, Super Video CD and DivX.

DVDx: Zoom - None

Medium (4/3)

Aspect ratio is not changed, but: a part of the image disappears, you'll see that (compared to "None (Letter Box 4/3)") that a part of the mug (right bottom) and the monitor (left) disappeared.

Personally I think this is not an option.

DVDx: Zoom - Medium

Pan Scan (4/3)

Even more zoom. Aspect Ratio is slightly off. Even more items are gone.

Personally I think this is not an option either.

DVDx: Zoom - Pan Scan

Full (16/9 or 4/3 input)

Here the image as streched so it fills the entire screen. Nice for owners of a widescreen, but useless for others.

DVDx: Zoom - Full


Usefull for DivX. The blakc bars on top and bottom of a movie are take away. Once you close the "Output Settings" window, you can use the little green bars to change the settings.

DVDx: Zoom - Custom

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx MMX BiLinear or SSE BiCubix
Scaling is done using a particular "formula" (lagorithm). The Bilinear algoritme looks at clusters of 2 x 2 pixels, while BiCubic is more acurate by using clusters of 4 x 4 pixels. However the difference is hard to see. You can choose:
Nearest neighbour : nearest pixel.
BiLinear : accurate but slow
BiLinear MMX: accurate but fast (Intel or AMD CPU's)
BiCubic : very accurate and very slow too
SSE BiCubic : very accurate and not too slow (Pentium 3 or Athlon CPU's)
Pseudo BiCubic : sloppy and slow

Max frames Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Click the "Whole" button so all frames are selected or enter a value of the maxmimum of frames.
Time to Encode Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx The total movie time (playback time of the movie) is to be encoded.
Estimated Size Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx No settings here either. (only used with Video CD and Super Video CD) Indicates the final files size. This value can be influenced by "Video Bitrate", "Audio bitrate" and "Format" (choosing Video CD or Super Video CD).
Volume don't exceed
Size/Settings Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Infinite or a standard CD format
Here we set the maximum file size. Once a file reaches this size, a new file will be started for the remaing rest. You can either select a standard CD size, or select a custom setting by clicking "Settings".
I always use "Infinite" for (Super) Video CD and later cut the file using Womble MPEG2VCR. For DivX I mostly use "80 min ISO Data CD". To calulate bitrates and sizes, see also WeetHet Bitrate Calculator.
Ignore Overwrite message Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!)
If enabled, existing files will be overwriten without warning.
Render every 0=none Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx 25
Every 25 frames a so called "keyframe" is being rendered (full image) which makes it easier when using fast forward/backward or when jumping in movies. Downside is that the file becomes a little bit bigger. Choose a value between 10 and 25. Entering zero means no keyframes which is not advisable.
Premiere plugin encoder

Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx Not enabled or an Adobe Premiere Plugin
Usually you will not use an Adobe Premiere Plugin for DivX - choose "Not enabled". For Video CD or Super Video CD the Cinema Craft Encoder providers a better image quality and is sometimes even faster. The "Video Server" is of use with TMPGEnc and CCE. TMPGEnc however seems to be not superior to the internal DVDx encoder. CCE is however faster and produces excellent image quality - however as a plugin it does not alwys work properly, the VideoServer is then needed. See Intro to Videoservers for more info.

DVDx: support for Adobe Premiere plugins ...

Multi Pass Voorkeur waarde voor DVDx OFF (so NO checkmark here!)
Allow the audio and video to be read in 2 pass. You can use it if you
encode with TMPGEnc and do a 2Pass VBR. UNCHECK this if you do CBR or one pass VBR. I can't tell you to much about this - haven't tried it.




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