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How can I change the regioncode on my Yamakawa ?

The Yamakawa can be either made regionfree or you can select other regioncodes manually.

On this page I explain you how to switch regioncodes manually. On the Yamakawa regionfree page you will find how to make the player regionfree.

On the DVD-Regioncode page you can find additional information on what regioncode means.

Note: some tricks are depending on the firmware!

Tip: consider visiting the Yamakawa DVD group at Yahoo groups!


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Note: this feature is not supported by all firmwares ! Firmware 3C is known to not support this. Consider updating to 3H !

Try this on the remote control (please insert a DVD first and make playback stop):


After this code, use the "RIGHT" button to toggle codes:


Next press the "PLAY" button to make the player accept the new regioncode.

If you're not sure which keys on the remote you should use then take a look at the deatils found on the Remote Control page.

Example screenshots of my Yamakawa:

*** = Yamakawa is regionfree

*A* = Yamakawa set to region 1
region 1



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