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The world isn't getting any simpeler with all this video formats, media types, etc. Specially when you're looking for information on a DVD player you consider buying. Can it playback VCD's? SVCD's?.

Jump to the Search-form.

We'll try helping you out here. Based on some parameters, for example: Brand, Model, Capabilites, etc, we try to find the DVD player you're looking for.

Note: Input from YOU, our WeetHet visitor, is very welcome and would make our database even more complete. Sent me comments, changes or use the update form you will find in the search results or on the detailspage of a player or add a new player here.

Note: The information on this website is based on input from you, our visitors, and information we found on the Internet. That's why we cannot guarantee that all information is 100% correct and/or complete. Please read the disclaimer.

Note: For DVD+R and DVD+RW a firmware update might be needed. If that's not an option (to difficult or no new frimware available), a little trick might make these discs readable as well. See the DVD+R(W) Compatibility issues for details.

DVD - What formats can my DVD-player play? Can I set it regionfree?

Formats and Media

Before we continue, it might be good to knwo the difference between FORMATS and MEDIA-TYPES.

MEDIA-TYPES refers to the media used for storing information, ie the CD's and DVD's.
FORMATS refers to how information is being stored on the media, ie. VideoCD or Super VideoCD (see also the Video Format overview).

Note: The list in our database covers DVD-players sold world-wide, which means that a particular player might not be available in your country or might even be discontinued.


On this page you can combine criteria for searching DVD-players.

You can use BRAND, MODEL, and COMPATIBILITY. Compatibility can be devided in Media-types a player can handle and the Formats a player can really play. You will at least need to enter one field - entering nothing will result in nothing.

In the results you will see an Klik hier om deze speler te updaten of om meer info te zien-icon which allows you to view more details of this player. Information like: can I set this player regionfree? can I disable MacroVision?

Search by Brand, Model and/or Compatibility

Brand and Model

Select a brandname here (optional).
Optionally you can enter a model as
well, for example a part of the model number.


EXTRAS: RegioVrij MacroVision can be disabled



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