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Where to get the round Garmin connector and how to assemble it ...

On this page I briefly show you where to get a Garmin connector and how to assemble it. This text is based on the connectors by pFranc.

pFranc (Larry) designed his own connectors for both the rectangle shaped Garmin connector and the round Garmin connectors.

pFranc has an interesting phylosophy called "sharehardware", where you can buy connectors. Buying does not mean PAYING MONEY. Larry rather sees buying as a trade. You can for example trade money for the connectors, but also reference on your website (as I did), other funy stuff, etc. So either trade or spend money - it's up to you.

pFranc can be found in several countries!

Note: Read the disclaimer!

Garmin GPS-V family

Round model Garmin connector

Below you will find the connector pinout of the round Garmin connector. It is being used with the Garmin 12, 12xl, 38, 40, 45, 48, 76, 89, 90, 92, 176, 295, GPS II, II+, III, III+, V and Street Pilot.

Garmin connector

You will need this info to hook your eTrex to a PDA or PC.

The pin layout is as shown below, please note the notch at (5). To the left of this notch (solder side) you will find pin 4. To the right pin 1.

pin 1
RXD (Data IN)
pin 2
GND (-)
pin 3
TXD (Data OUT)
pin 4
Powersupply (+ 3 Volt)

Tip: If you're busy with an Garmin connector anyways then you might want to consider adding external power for the eTrex aswell. Use a 3V powersupply and connect it to pin 4 (+) and 2 (-) of the connector.

pFranc Assembly

The pFranc-connector is a do-it-yourself kit.

pFranc connector kit

In the little bag, you will find three 3 plastic parts, a screw and 4 pins attached to a piece of metal.
Bend the pins zo they come loose from the little piece of metal;

pFranc Connector - This one of those pins

After doing that, you can place the pins in the cilinder piece of plastic with 5 holes in it. We will not use the centre hole as it will be used later for the screw.

pFranc - in this part we insert the pins

Onces you placed the four pins, you can add the little round pice of plastic that has 9 holes on top of the pins.

pFranc Connector - The round piece with nine holes in it

Now we can solder the wires to the pins. Be carefull to not use to much heat here as the plastic parts might melt! Consider using a soldering iron with a fine tip!

pFranc connector - ready for some soldering ...

TIP: Since you're busy on the Garmin plug anyway, consider writing down which pin is connected to which wire. If you're not sure which is which, then please take a look at the image at the top of this page.

Once you completed the soldering, you can add the last plastic part, the little cap.

pFranc Connector - Put the cap in position

Finally place the screw in the opening of the cap;

pFranc Connector - Final step ...

Don't use excesive force when tightening the screw ... :-)



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