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On this page...

WeetHet has been started, wednesday september 20th, 2000, satring with the main subject in those days "Internet by Satellite".

In the meanwhile the focus has changed strongly.

Sluit je bij ons aan ...

We now try to focus on newbies (beginners) and advanced users. The subjects basically can cover anything you like, just as long as you (and the visitors of WeetHet) can say "Usefull for use at home!".

This can be any subjcet, for example internet related (ADSL, Downloading, network, etc), hobby related (MP3, mvies, drawing, programming, webdesign, etc), etc.

We are not limited to computer use! Other subjects like recipies, home improvemet, "how ... works", etc are also most welcome. It might sound a bit strange to you, but the site is called WeetHet which is Dutch for "Know it!".

Every page is published in English and Dutch. Since not all of you speak both languages, I can do the translation for you.

Note that when submitting an article, (if you want to) yout name (or alias) and/or website will be mentioned. Credit where credit is due!

What can I do?

Good question.

We are looking for people that:

Let's take a look at the options here.

Writing an article

Writing an article is not easy: Let's face it, not a lot of people are really capable (I think I'm not that great either - take a look a my language mistakes and typos).

One important point: usability.

Naturally, the article needs to be of use to the beginner (newbie) and advanced user. Ofcourse, not all articles can be written for both targets, so some exceptions are possible.

Second point of attention is subject: all subjects should be related to use at home, so "Usefull for use at home!".

We're not waiting (although still welcome) to publish articles on how CPU's work on a molucular level. However an article on what a CPU is, how it basically works, what Mhz means, and what types can be found, will be very welcome!

So before you start writing; consider or ask if such an article is wanted at all.

Final point of attention: images.

It is said that a photo (or screenshot) often says more than a thousand words ... it can save a newbie a lot of searching and confusion.

Tip: taking an existing article on WeetHet as an example is a good way to start. Look for a similar article and use it as a base for your own article.

How to supply an Article?

Delivering an article for WeetHet is done pretty easy.

You can choose to write the English text, the Dutch text or both. Additional translations will be done by me.

For all of these methods: do not use background images and supply images unaltered preferably in the GIF format.
I will adapt the images for use in the WeetHet house-style.

Formatting text is not needed either, as I will apply the WeetHet stylesheet.

Don't forget to mention your name and address, this might become in handy later.
Also: if you want, you name, alias, and/or website can be mentioned in the article!

There are basically 3 options:

1. HTML Document.

Use you favorite webpage editor, and start with a white page adding text and images.
Send both the HTML document and the images by mail (optionally zipped) to: webmaster@weethet.nl.

2. NOTEPAD document.

The purest way to create text, is by just using Notepad. Simply type the text as flat ascii text and add a simple marker (for example: "[image.gif]") where the image should be included. Once again, send the images and the text file (optionally zipped) to: webmaster@weethet.nl.

3. WORD document.

Not my favorite, but plenty of people love to use Word. Type your text and paste your images in the Word document and mail it (optionally zipped) to: webmaster@weethet.nl.


Some folks have been writing articles for WeetHet before;

Article By Their website
Configurering and eTech Modem/Router for ADSL Steef den Draak www.zwagers.nl
Configurerin an eTech router Ton Zuidema  
Configureren a SiteCom 4S Frank Janssens  
Copy a DVD to DVD±R(W) Harry de Vries  
Creating 3D button for WebSites's Glenn WoodStock History
Make your car move really fast Richard van Oers DigiDoka


Forum Support

The WeetHet forum is of great importance to the visitors as this is the place where they can ask questions and find answers.

Support is needed to assist other users!

Some people think it's for posting spam, for flaming (cursing) and for commercials, which is NOT the case.
Report such bad postings to webmaster@weethet.nl.

For these tasks we do need folks that help us out, some visitors are already quite active (thanks guys!).

This can be done as a moderator or as an active member of the forum.


Also very important!

Research can be done in several ways. For example by searching IP-portnumbers for our IP-port list, or words for our glossary. Daily folks mail me additional information for these lists!

Research can also be figuring out how stuff works or how a user should operate it. This can be done with products you own or products donated at WeeHet (although this strongle depends on the suppliers of these products).

Research can also be the base of an article, like "How GPS works" or "How a CD works".


Most folks will already be aware of this. Creating a website, maintaining it and hosting it not only costs a lot of time, but also a lot of money.

Take a look at the page on advertising and sponsoring for possibilities.




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