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Control another page to goto the TOP anchor

When using frames, it can be usefull, to enable a button that sends the other frame to the TOP anchor you have defined (see Named Anchors).

Usually this button is an <A HREF="top"> on the same page but that's not the case here.

The other frame is NOT the same page, so how do we do that then ?

Once more: welcome to JAVASCRIPT. This code enables this feature.


How is it done?

Say we have two frames "main" and "text".

The button resides on the "main" frame, but we want to send the "text" frame to it's "top";

  function goto_top()
    if (textpage.indexOf('#')>-1)


Now make a button, on the page that will be placed in the "main" frame, with

<A HREF="javascript:goto_top();">Jump</A>



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