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I forget them all the time,... the proper color codes for a particular resistance.

That's why I created this little tool that helps you identify colorcodes and/or determine the colorcodes needed for resistors.

Note: My Calculator is copyrighted! Feel free to use it on your website, however you must then include the copyright statement in the code and below the calculator, including a link to http://www.weethet.nl as seen below!

The calculator has been tested with Internet Explorer 5 and up, MyIE 2 and up, NetCaptor 6 and up, Opera 6 and up and Mozilla 1.2.1 and up.

An updated version of this calculator can be found at Tweaking4All: Resistor Color Calculator.

Some help with calculating resistor values and colorcodes

My Resistor Calculator

©2003, Hans Luyten - http://www.weethet.nl

You can enter the color code here:

Or if you wish, you can enter the desired resistance value here:

Calculated Resistance:

Resistor Color codes

Resistor tips

First of all make sure you read the colors in the right order!

Usually a resistor has either a silver or a gold band. Keep that one to the right (as seen above). You're now looking at the proper color code order (from left to right).

Measuring resistance

Sometimes, specially within damaged or durty equipment, color codes can be very hard to read.

I recommend using a regular multi-meter (Ohm-meter) to measure the resistance (if the resistor is not completely toast).

Note: Keep in mind to not hold your fingers to the contacts of the multi-meter testers or the leads of the resistor, otherwise you're putting yourself in parallel with the resistor and the multi-meter will most likely indicate a faulty value!

Note: Do not try to measure resistors in-circuit, as the result will most likely by faulty as well ...



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